What can you expect as a member of glassglobal Plants?


A selection of glass furnace data worldwide, including related company profiles. Use different specific filters (also in combination) such as furnace type, glass type, country, region, group, etc. Display of the results in a world map.


Get quick access to information about projects researched by us or made known to our team or released for publication at This covers any kind of project in a glass factory regarding investments in a greenfield project, factory renovation, restructure, larger maintenance, repair or purchase of factory equipment and machinery.


Daily news from glassglobal database, also new feedback on developments in the glass landscape.


Very complex area that offers a huge option of filters. This enables you to compile the figures and facts you need to take your decisions. Display of the data as graphs of different designs to match your requirements. Export as PDF or in Excel format possible.


Your own online-office. After selection of a company, you can address it by email with your own text.


Below you can find videos with sound recordings showing you an excerpt of the potential of glassglobal Plants.


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Further videos:

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Videos em Português:

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