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glassglobal Plants is your gateway to the international glass producing industry.

We have collected data from glass producers worldwide including production capacities, the number of furnaces, furnace types, products, furnace suppliers and years of construction.

Moreover, we have compiled financials from global players, production data, demoscopic data for countries as well as import and export data, and we have elaborated a forecast about future glass consumption in all global regions.

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glassglobal Plants provides you with the access to these data. Find potential customers according to your personal selection within a minute, find companies to approach, display them on a map and contact them directly.

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Facts and Figures
Number of Companies and Groups 1.138
Locations 1.153
Number of Furnaces 2.217
Number of Countries 92
Total Capacity: Tons per day 581.132 tpd
Total Capacity: Tons per year 212.113.129 tpa
Glass Types
Glasstype Capacity tpd Capacity tpa Furnaces
Flat 293.275 107.045.269 578
Container 266.653 97.328.345 1.215
Tableware 21.204 7.739.515 424
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