André Ommer

André Ommer – Dipl.-Ing.
Managing Owner

  • André Ommer, born 8 February 1967 in Zweibrücken, Germany, graduated as an industrial engineer with emphasis on glass technology from Duisburg University (1994).
  • He currently acts as CEO of OGIS GmbH (2000 to date), his own company, which is best known today for running the world´s leading glass portal ( The portal attracts millions of visitors every year and is the leading information broker to the glass industry today. In addition André Ommer is owner of glass global consulting GmbH.
  • André started his career as Sales & Marketing Engineer at Pöting Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG (1994 until 2000), a firm specialized in the manufacturing and installation of machines for the glass industry, where he held responsibility for worldwide sales.
  • In 1995, for Mulia Glass, Indonesia, he was responsible for the erection of a glass block production line.
  • 2 years later (1997), he started off in Dalian, China: Tableware production line
    worldwide projects: General Project Management
    Adaptation of glass melting process, glass furnace, technology and gob temperature
  • André Ommer has privileged access to substantial know-how about glass related transactions, past, present and planned, worldwide.
  • He is an appreciated partner, to equipment buyers and sellers, as well as to glass professionals and decision makers on large scale investments and long term projects in the glass industry. In addition, André has commercial insight into the raw materials and equipment used by operators of more than 1300 production locations for glass, worldwide, his understanding of the cost and benefit of using certain equipment and processes are most valuable.