André Ommer

André Ommer – Dipl.-Ing.
Managing Owner, Achievements

  • 2002-2005
    Design and expansion of network on internationally leading exhibitions, congresses and seminars, cooperation with industry magazines and expert papers. André Ommer has privileged access to substantial know-how about glass related transactions, past, present and planned, worldwide.
  • 2006
    Development of "Online Glass Engineering" – Online calculation tool for mass balance of glass melting processes and related variations hereto to enable glass makers to evaluate reduction of energy consumption or emissions such as NOx or CO2.
  • 2007
    Development of “Furnace Control Systems“ for on-site real-time measurement and evaluation of furnace parameters with remote diagnosis and input option for optimization and settings.
  • 2007-2008
    2007-2008 Successful conclusion of various research programs (supported by AIF by Ministry for Research & Technology) covering future glass technology e.g. with topic „Development of new control algorithms, development of new high capacity MSR components for time optimized control of glass melting process as well as new burner technology for the glass melting process. All projects were concluded successfully in time.
  • 2009
    Compilation and visualization of an international benchmark analysis for flat and container glass makers on the basis of glass furnace data.
  • 2009-2010
    He was a key person in the realization of a solar glass plant for solar glass production (float glass). He disposes about market knowledge regarding the supplier chain until marketing of the glass as well as international sales of surplus equipment.
  • 2010
    Development of ggENOx as revolutionary concept to reduce NOx in a container glass melting furnace in conjunction with significant reduction of energy consumption, allowing glass makers to comply with new target values set by EU.
  • 2010-2016
    Compilation and visualization of business plans for different industry segments, e.g. float glass manufacture, suppliers.
  • 2014-today
    Development and design of a holistic concept for glass recycling to covering the whole value chain in glass making as a cradle-to-cradle process to optimise production and to reduce raw material and energy consumption.

He is an appreciated partner to equipment buyers and sellers, as well as to glass professionals and decision makers on large scale investments and long term projects in the glass industry. He is experienced in equipment and treatment of glass in cold end from cutting to coating and has a sound overview over the market covering glass making equipment form batch to quality inspection equipments.
In addition, André has commercial insight into the raw materials and equipment used by operators at production locations for glass, worldwide, his understanding of the cost and benefit of using BAT equipment and processes are most outstanding and valuable and consequently.